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Friends For Life Podcast

Nov 18, 2023

Join Tony and Paul on the Friends for Life Podcast as they dive into the inspiring world of art created by adults with disabilities. In this episode, we're thrilled to have Dustin and Jordan from an art studio in Highland County, Ohio, where they empower individuals with disabilities to express themselves through various art forms, from woodworking to papier-mâché. Jordan details the studio's unique process, where artists with disabilities create designs that are then transformed into beautiful wooden wall plaques. Dustin, an artist at the studio, shares his journey and his unique, cartoon-inspired style. They discuss the creation of diverse art pieces, including personalized commissions, and the joy of bringing these creations to festivals and sales. The episode also explores the history and inspiration behind their art studio, highlighting the transition from a gun store to a vibrant art space. The duo shares insights into the studio's upcycling projects and their commitment to originality in every piece. Tony and Paul delve into the broader implications of art in the community, discussing the importance of advocacy, individual expression, and the impact of art on personal growth. The podcast ends with a look at the future plans for the studio, including the development of an online presence and expanding the studio into a gallery. For more stories of inspiration and creativity, and to support the incredible work of these artists, visit Assured Health Services at Learn more about the art studio by following them on Facebook and Instagram @UpAndBeyondArt, and stay tuned for their upcoming website.