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Friends For Life Podcast

Mar 9, 2024

In this episode of the Friends for Life Podcast, hosts Tony and Paul welcome Jason Schaffer, PhD, from Life Bridge Remote Supports, to dive deep into the transformative world of remote supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. Jason shares his journey from skepticism to advocacy for remote supports and assistive technologies, highlighting how these innovations not only cut costs but significantly enhance the quality of care and independence for individuals served.

Life Bridge Remote Supports, under Jason's leadership, emerged from recognizing the inevitable shift towards integrating technology in care. Initially hesitant, Jason's perspective changed after understanding the broader implications and benefits of remote supports, leading him to secure a grant and mentorship to explore this field further. His experience with Brian Hart from LADD in Cincinnati was a turning point, offering him insights into the complexities and potential of remote supports.

Jason discusses the challenges and opportunities in convincing agency providers about the financial and operational benefits of adopting remote supports. He emphasizes the importance of viewing remote supports not just as a cost-saving measure but as a strategic business decision that can improve service quality and outcomes for individuals.

One of the most compelling parts of the conversation revolves around real-life success stories. Jason shares anecdotes of individuals who thrived under remote supports, including a person who transitioned from 2-to-1 staffing to minimal drop-in services, highlighting the profound impact on independence and self-sufficiency. These stories underscore the potential of remote supports to transform lives by promoting independence, reducing reliance on physical staffing, and fostering stronger relationships between caregivers and individuals.

The podcast episode is a call to action for providers, caregivers, and stakeholders in the developmental disabilities field to embrace remote supports and assistive technologies. By sharing his insights and experiences, Jason Schaffer invites listeners to reconsider traditional care models and explore the vast potential of technology to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities.

Listeners interested in learning more about Life Bridge Remote Supports and how they can leverage these technologies can visit LifeBridge Remote for more information.